What is it Zooglea?

Zoogleas is a slimy or gelatinous clusters (colonies) of the bacteria inhabiting in the liquid environment.
Mushrooms Zooglea are a symbiosis of yeast fungus with an acetic acid bacterium. They are composed of polysaccharides with a mixture of nitrogen compounds. Bacterias are fermenting and acid formed in this process have a huge vital force.
There are three kinds of domestic zooglea:
Kombucha, Tibocos and Tibetan Milk mushroom. This site is about Tibicos.
You can find information about Kombucha and Tibetan Milk mushroom on our site "Natural Healing".
Tibicos is the leader among the fungi zoogloea due to its healing properties. It explained by the fact that Tibicos infusion contains Q10, enhancer activity of enzymes.
Read more about bio-chemical composition of Tibicos.

Tibicos or Indian Sea rice?

Tibicos, Indian sea rice, Water crystals, Water kefir, Chinese sea rice, Live rice, Japanese sea rice, Sea mushroom, Poska, Tibi - the names of the same biological culture.

Mashroom or granules?

Small granules, large granules and thick film (mushroom) have identical properties.
The large granules are the separated small. Accordingly, small granules are new growth or the parts of the larger granules.
Mushroom is formed from the same bacteria and is developed and overgrown film that was formed on the surface present in the fermentation.
Because of the shape, small granules "work" faster and produce a higher percentage of acid and alcohol. This is a very tiny percentage of alcohol (aprx as in a sour milk) and the body releases it very quickly. However, many people are trying to reduce this percent.
The infusion of the mushroom has a milder taste than the infusion made from the granules.
Using granules you will get more "carbonated" drink.

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